Alexander-Cairo Port

Alexander-Cairo Port, located in Cairo, Illinois, is situated at the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Ohio River, in the southernmost point of Illinois. This port town also offers rail opportunities via the Canadian National Railroad line. Highway access includes Interstates 57, 55, and 24, as well as Illinois Routes 51, 3, and 60.

Approximately 80% of all inland barge traffic in the United States passes through Cairo each year.


(618) 734-3200
1100 Commercial Avenue
Cairo, Illinois 62914.

Illinois Ports Association

Illinois leads the nation in production of soybeans, an important protein source for animals and humans around the world. ISA believes that by working together, we can solve our greatest challenges and positively impact our future. As an organization committed to leading collaborative efforts that bring innovative solutions, this website and the aerial drone footage was made possible from a grant by the Illinois Soybean Association.

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